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A unique tourist destination characterised by the mixture and beauty of its landscapes and a pleasant climate all year round. The rich heritage, natural beauty and geographical diversity, making it a preferred tourist destination.

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A Unique Tourist Paradise


Many and varied activities

Fishing in Duqm

A Marine Wealth Hub

A Geological Marvel

Duqm Rock Garden
since 46 million years

The Rock Garden in Duqm is one of the major geological sites of the Sultanate of Oman and considered one of the greatest natural treasures of Duqm.The six -kilometre site brings unusual rock formations, which have been formed since 46 million years. Set around this site are sandstone and limestone sculptures shaped by wind, water, ice and other natural elements over millions of years.



Al Huqf Area

Al Haqf area extends from Al Wusta Governorate to cover Duqm, Haima and Mahut to the Wilayat of Adam in AlDakhiliyah Governorate. The area is destinguished by its geological history, diverse terrain, and the availability of high quality raw materials for the manufacture of tools and the huge amount of rocks, making it home for Omanis since the Stone Age.

Duqm Triliths

Triliths is a 2,000-year-old stone formations formed along the valleys alongside the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, from Hadramout in Yemen to Ras Al Hadd in northern Oman. The European travelers Bertram Thomas and Wilfred Thesiger described the Triliths as a remarkable phenomenon.

Migratory birds

Duqm is an important area for native and migratory birds; 100,000s of birds feed, rest, and nest along its sandy beaches, creeks, and inland hills

Ras Duqm Beach

This beach is distinguished from the rest of other beaches by the panoramic view of the sunset, the crowd of birds on the beach and being a hub for photography enthusiasts and fishermen.

Ras Markaz Beach

Ras Markaz beach is located down a high rocky hill, where you can enjoy the picturesque views of this beautiful beach from the top of the high hill.

Discover the Activities in Duqm.

"Activities in Duqm" offers a diverse range of experiences in this coastal city of Oman. From exploring the stunning rock formations at the Rock Garden to enjoying water sports and fishing along the Arabian Sea, Duqm has something for everyone. You can also delve into the region's rich history and culture by visiting local museums and historical sites. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Duqm has it all.

A Marine Wealth Hub

Fishing in

The Governorate of Al Wusta is famous for its marine wealth, and it has a diverse spectrum of marine species like shrimps, abalone, king fish, emperor, grouper and sea bream. Due to the strategic location of the Governorate, overlooking the Arabian Sea, many opportunities of investments are waiting to be exploited.
Duqm enjoys huge fish wealth that contributes to the success of the Special Economic Zone. Therefore, the comprehensive plan of the SEZAD included the establishment of a fishing port, an integrated complex for fish activities, a fishing harbour at 6 metre depth, a marine research centre, and an international standard quality assurance centre for fresh and processed fish exports.

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