Day 1


The Duqm Imperative

Taking Oman Vision 2040 as its starting point, the Duqm Imperative will reflect on the game-changing policies, initiatives and projects generating cross-sector opportunities across the value-chain in Duqm. It will then consider the impressive ecosystem of drivers attracting global leaders in renewable energy, manufacturing, petrochemicals and logistics to the Special Economic Zone.

Presentation Topics at a Glance
  • Reimagining approaches to economic development
  • Investment environment
  • Ports, airports & roads
  • Technology
  • Sustainability and Net-Zero goals
  • Oman as a ‘future renewable superpower’

Signing Ceremony & Networking Break


Duqm Renewables Powering Industry

As a clean energy source, Duqm’s green hydrogen presents heavy industry with a viable solution to significantly decarbonize and propel their manufacturing towards a more sustainable industrial future. In this session, leading global companies share how they intend to use groundbreaking technology and harness Duqm’s renewable energy to power their operations and help them achieve their sustainability goals

Presentation Topics at a Glance
  • Renewables supply
  • Decarbonization
  • Meeting industry’s demand for green materials
  • IoT and smart manufacturing
  • Cluster development
  • Export opportunities


Duqm’s Green Energy Advantage

Addressing climate change is a core component of Oman Vision 2040 and with Oman's National Energy Strategy the country has embarked on a number of high-profile renewable energy projects amongst them the world’s largest solar plant for desalination, the first large-scale wind farm in the GCC and the export-oriented HYPORT Duqm – a proposed 500MW green hydrogen and ammonia plant on the Special Economic Zone in Duqm with the potential to position Oman as a world-scale producer and exporter of zero-carbon fuels to international markets. Indeed, in May 2021 Michael Liebreich, Former CEO BloombergNEF named Oman as one of the world’s ‘future renewable superpowers’. This DUQM23 panel will shine a light on the green energy companies setting up in Duqm, the infrastructure and expertise that supports them, the demand and consumer trends that drive them and the opportunities that will power their success.

Presentation Topics at a Glance
  • Green hydrogen
  • Solar and wind landscape
  • Efficient energy transition
  • Energy storage
  • Global demand and markets
  • Public private partnerships


Moving Forward


Duqm’s Downstream Green Pull

Capitalizing on the immense renewable energy potential of Duqm, the Special Economic Zone is supporting the development of a large-scale green steel industry cluster. The operations and products of these manufacturing giants, along with Duqm’s proximity to a rich supply of industrial minerals, is set to create a wealth of downstream opportunities, attracting multinationals and SMEs alike to set up on the Special Economic Zone.
Focusing in particular on the potential for automotive, pharmaceutical, construction and fertilizer industries as well as makers of solar panels and wind turbines, the panel will look at the incentives and infrastructure to support the development of operations by manufacturers, consumer-driven industrial trends, access to markets, new industrial clusters, innovation and collaboration possibilities, talent attraction and job creation.

Presentation Topics at a Glance
  • Availability of green materials
  • Technology and infrastructure enablers
  • Regulatory and incentive framework
  • Duqm’s one-stop-shop
  • R&D and innovation
  • Rise of conscious consumerism

Gala Dinner


Day 2


Opportunity in Supply Chain

A key enabler in SEZAD’s value proposition, the innovation led Port of Duqm – also known as the Green Port - is a world-class multi-modal logistics hub and enviably located gateway to regional and global markets. An exceptional multi-purpose economic, commercial and industrial epi-centre, the Port is also home to Asyad Dry Dock with its outstanding maintenance and repair facilities and thriving manufacturing operations.
This DUQM23 panel will navigate the exciting opportunities ahead for SEZAD-based transport, maritime and cargo companies as well as the industrial giants using Port of Duqm’s services and infrastructure. It will look too into the outstanding prospects for investment in this major centre for global trade flows and leader in the distribution of new energy. It will also look at the network of factors driving the success of Port of Duqm and giving it a distinct competitive advantage.

Presentation Topics at a Glance
  • Partnership ecosystem
  • Steel industry and megaprojects
  • Oil and gas up and downstream industries
  • Cluster development
  • Warehousing
  • Expansion potential


New Era for Petrochemicals

Used in plastics, fertilizers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents and tyres. The demand for petrochemicals is expected to increase by 40% by 2030 and nearly double by 2050. In fact, petrochemicals are also key to manufacture many of the parts required for today’s modern renewable energy system, including solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, thermal insulation and electric vehicles.
This panel will review the sizeable investments made in the Duqm Refinery project and the Markaz Crude Oil Storage Terminal - the largest oil storage and export project in the Middle East - and the opportunities this presents to petrochemical manufacturers targeting growing markets linked to the green energy transition, clean technologies, mobility, construction, durable goods, healthcare and packaging.

Presentation Topics at a Glance
  • Decarburization priorities and strategies
  • Petrochemicals demand
  • Crude-oil-to-chemicals facilities
  • Chemical recycling
  • New partnership models
  • R&D, innovation and breakthrough technology

Networking Break

Space for Every Ambition

H.E Eng. Ahmed Al Dheeb

Deputy Chairman, OPAZ